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As people and businesses shift more and more online the competition on the world’s largest search engines and social media platforms intensifies. To have any chance of success your business needs to be found on the first page of Google and Youtube and must stand out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Free Google Digital Marketing Course Plus You Can Learn From The Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes With University Courses And Micro Master Programs.

You can start with the Top 3 Free Digital Marketing Courses below and then if you think Digital Marketing is the way to go then continue with a Micro Masters Certificate from Curtin University or a Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree or any other professional certificate to enable you to apply for digital marketing jobs.

We have selected the best digital marketing training institutes which will give you more practice, tips and mentoring than a quick 1 or 2 day course. The courses run over several months so you can be assured that once you complete the certification you will have a very good understanding of how to apply Digital Marketing in your own company or business.


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What do business luminaries like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix have in common? They’re digital businesses – meaning that they blur the digital and physical worlds – and their CEOs have built companies from idea to over $10 billion in revenues and kept them growing at an annual rate of at least 20%.

This course will combine the principles of Entrepreneurial Thought & Action ® with the ideas developed in the instructor’s books Hungry Start-Up Strategy (2012) and Disciplined Growth Strategies (2017). It will inspire you with in-depth case studies of how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos built its most profitable business by selling companies access to the computer infrastructure that powers its e-commerce business; how Facebook boosted 37-fold its April 2012 $1 billion investment in Instagram; how Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wiped out Blockbuster Video through its DVD-by-Mail service and in 2007 moved to replace that service with online streaming when Apple launched the iPhone.

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Master the basics of digital marketing with our free course accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. There are 26 modules to explore, all created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action.

In this introduction to Analytics, we’ll show you how to collect and analyse user data and turn it into actionable insights.

Over 300,000 people have already gained this qualification, and are using it to develop and improve their careers.

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Businesses and institutions today increasingly turn to social media platforms to build and promote their brands, share news and information, and engage with their audiences. But given its massive popularity, writing for social media can be a challenge. How do you connect with your audience? How do you write for these critical channels?

This course focuses on effective writing practices for a social media environment. You will learn how to structure and write content that will deliver your messaging and engage your audiences; you will learn how to think about what a reader needs and wants from your organization.

Learn how to devise your own writing approach – and how to tell your company’s story, convey information, and express your point of view, and earn engagement.

Digital Marketing Careers


Over 20 000 Digital Marketing Jobs On Indeed

Digital Marketing Careers

It’s not necessary to have a traditional marketing degree to get started in Digital Marketing. You can start a digital marketing computer course after 12th grade.

Google Digital Marketing Course
So what are the Top 10 DIGITAL MARKETING JOBS can you apply for once you have completed some of our recommended Digital Marketing Courses :

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital project managers play a critical role in overseeing and implementing digital campaigns. 

2. Content Strategist

Content strategists are responsible for developing content tailored to a company’s objectives and target audience. 

3. Virtual Reality Developer

This is a high-tech job that attracts people who have strong backgrounds in technology and creative arts.

4. SEO and SEM Specialist

In simple terms, search engine optimization (SEO) analysts ensure that a website is vetted for the best keywords and phrases that will show up in search engines.

5. User Experience Designer

UX Designers develop websites, products, and apps in a way that encourages consumers to follow through with purchases. 

6. Data Analysts

Data analysts create systems to organize and examine this data so that companies can interpret it and apply it to their digital marketing campaigns.

7. Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing specialists are responsible for creating and launching email campaigns in addition to maintaining databases with customer information and various lists. 

8. Internet of Things Marketing Specialist

IoT marketing specialists use the data collected from these devices to create campaigns that work for people who use the devices.

9. Bot Developer

Many major marketing companies are starting to use bots to support their businesses ie Chatbots

10. Social Media Marketer

Social media managers help companies communicate with their customers across various social media platforms. 

Digital Marketing FUTURE

Demand for digital marketing professionals will rise by 38% every year –

One of the hottest skill in the market – Inc Magazine

All courses are run by industry experts and are used by many top tier companies.

Remember the more knowledge you have about digital marketing the better your site will rank and the more profits it will make.

$330bn Spent On Digital Marketing In 2019

Digital marketing offers a giant variety of roles from digital content producer to web developer, social media manager, digital CRM analyst, e-commerce executive and user experience specialist

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

A career in digital marketing space has many exciting opportunities.

Another bonus of becoming a digital marketing professional is that you can start your career in digital marketing as a freelancer. You don’t need to spend time searching for the right position with a large, established company. Create a profile on one or more of the many “gig economy” job sites online and peruse the available freelance opportunities. Check Out LinkedIn Jobs or

Try Out These Recommended Best Computer Courses In Digital Marketing After 12th Grade From Edureka AND Curtin University


Learn essential digital marketing strategies with professional online programs from Wharton, Curtin and other top schools. Learn about digital branding, reputation management, online marketing tools and more to advance your career as a digital marketer.

Over the next decade, marketing jobs are projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. In this era of digital disruption, companies are increasingly focused on digital marketing, creating heightened demand for a specialised skill set.

The Marketing in a Digital World MicroMasters program equips learners with the key concepts and practical skills to build a career in marketing in the digital age. Throughout the program, learners will engage in problem solving and analytical thinking, gaining expertise in:

  • Creating and sustaining a brand;
  • Marketing through digital channels, such as social media;
  • Consumption behaviour across buying contexts;
  • Marketing metrics;
  • Digital brand engagement;
  • Digital brand reputation management.

Participants in the Marketing in a Digital World MicroMasters program can build on this program certificate and take advantage of the entry pathway into Curtin University’s online Master of Marketing degree program on edX. Subject to meeting Curtin’s entry requirements, you will receive credit for 25% of the degree program. Applications for the Master’s degree program are now open.


Edureka’s Digital Marketing training is suitable for freshers or any Middle & Senior Managers, this course will provide a strategic understanding of Digital Marketing. The participants will learn how Digital Marketing impacts brand & Sales, Best practices in Digital Marketing, tools & techniques. This course will also cover planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Tracking mechanisms for Digital Marketing. Attendees will also get to implement one project as they work through the Training. Once you have completed this course you will be better equipped to get a digital marketing job after 12th grade.

After the completion of the Digital Marketing Training at Edureka, you will be able to:

1. Get strategic understanding of Digital Marketing

2. Understand how to use it for branding and sales

3. Understand its advantages & limitations

4. Become familiar with Best Practices, Tools & Technologies

5. Blend digital with offline marketing

6. Plan & manage digital marketing budget

7. Manage Reporting & Tracking Metrics

8. Understand the future of Digital Marketing and prepare for it

Boston University Digital Product Manager Course

Product Manager is one of the hottest positions in the emerging digital economy.

The Product Manager is essentially the “CEO” of a digital product. They understand and articulate needs; set up roadmaps, plan and coordinate the development process; champion and launch products and oversee the product life cycle. They are the implementers of ideas in digital business innovation.

In this Product Management MicroMasters program, you will gain hands on experience in:

  • Creating product roadmaps
  • Taking products from initial concept through user research, co-creation, and rapid prototyping
  • Agile and lean management practices for creating software and digital products
  • Social media and market testing methods
  • Applying perspective from best practices in platform based strategies.

The MicroMasters program concludes with two courses that leverage object oriented thinking, digital process capabilities, and data analytics tools to build “boundary-spanning” skills in running, measuring and adapting strategic experiments that may lead to novel products, business models and market growth.

Learn how to create campaigns, understand data analytics and track emerging trends to market your business with online digital marketing training. See the best short courses and programs with academic accreditation from top universities. Lots of FREE courses to get you started.

How do businesses make sense of the large amounts of data coming from social and digital media? What are the best strategies for extracting and using this data? Explore the answers to these questions, and more, with this program of courses exploring digital media and social media analytics.

You will get an introduction to digital and social media analytics, before progressing to examine social media research, owned media, earned media, paid media, and using ‘listening data’. At the end of the program you should feel confident in applying your knowledge in your own professional life.

Digital marketing can be a crucial tool to grow a business. On this course you will explore what digital marketing is, why it is important and look at some digital marketing strategies including display advertising, pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation and email marketing. Finally, we will discuss the importance of balancing and integrating different digital marketing strategies and how companies target customers.

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