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Question 1 - If you have a project at school or work would you prefer to complete the project by

looking for a group to join that would help you complete the project even if you don't know all the group members
doing it all yourself or with one other person you know

Question 2 - Would you say you are

outgoing, loud, talk to many other people about your ideas
introverted, quiet, keep your ideas mainly to yourself

Question 3 - Do you want to

work in a company with lots of other people, activity, talking to people
work in a company where you work mainly alone in an office

Question 4 - Would you typically

enjoy talking to lots of different people
rather be on your own

Question 5 - Are you the type of person who will

start something from scratch and organise it
go with the flow, let others start and you assist them

Question 6 - Would you prefer to read

a newspaper story with facts
a poem or a fictional story

Question 7 - When deciding whether or not to purchase something, is the determining factor more often

how much you really need it
how much you really like it

Question 8 - Would you prefer to work in a company that is

more stable, been operating in the same industry for years
newer, disruptive, innovative, changing all the time

Question 9 - Are you interested in

right now, working on what can be done and finished today or this week
the future, planning and working on future projects a few months or years out

Question 10 - Do you prefer to

to choose from something that is available now
to dream of something that could be in the future

Question 11 - Do you more often tend to

think through what you will say before speaking
talk off the top of your head

Question 12 - What would you prefer to do at work

telling others what to do in a direct, no nonsense way
listening to others feelings, input etc and then deciding what to do

Question 13 - When communicating with others, are you more inclined

to speak your mind without anyone telling you to say something
to sugar coat your words or be pushed to confront others

Question 14 - The type of company you would like to work for is

a leader in its field, not scared to grow and buy out other companies
more interested in helping out the world than making money

Question 15 - Do you more often tend to

look after your own needs first
put the needs of others before your own

Question 16 - Do you find it more natural to remember

numbers and figures
faces and names

Question 17 - Do you more frequently

act with a goal or plan in mind
act quickly when an idea pops into your mind

Question 18 - When choosing a job would you prefer

an industry like accounting, engineering or any other industry that is highly regulated by boards and other rules
your own business where you are free to do what you prefer

Question 19 - Do you feel better

having a plan to follow
just starting and then changing things as you go if needed

Question 20 - Do you see yourself as a

manager or employee who prefers routine
entrepreneur or self starter who enjoys freedom